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Travel, nature and culture always inspires me. I count on it. Colourful markets, historic and modern architecture in cities, the local arts scene in small towns, colourful textiles and ceramics in different countries, and the things we chose to adorn ourselves, all inform my design sensibilities. The patterns are the music and rhythm found in our lives. The riot of colours found in textiles, in nature, and in festivals around the world, can be seen in my work.

Wherever I go, I find that people like interesting design, wonderful colours, and surprise. With this in mind, I have created clothing for your enjoyment and items for your home.

Please feel free to view the collections on my website, read a blog post and find out what inspires me, see some of my newest designs, and view the selection of amazing apparel, home decor, and accessories. There’s something for everyone.

Your feedback is always welcome: valtheartistgraphics@gmail.com