About Val

Valerie Zwolak Design is a Toronto based studio.

Travel always inspires me. I count on it. I've been around the world many times. My imagination is free to roam as I explore cities and towns, galleries and museums, and life on the street. The colourful markets and modern architecture in Mexico City and Oaxaca, the happy folk art in Zacatecas and Morelia, colourful ceramics in Puebla, and the stunning silver jewellery in Taxco....it all inspires me to be creative. The pyramids in Mexico offer a mystical view of the Mayan and Aztec past. My spirit takes flight. The  sights and sounds of India are like no other country. The riot of colours in textiles, body adornment, festivals and music, ancient monuments, all feed my soul. A camel ride in the desert, an extravagant fragrant meal with new friends, and the early morning view of the Taj Mahal are treasured memories.

Where ever I go, I've found that people like interesting design, wonderful colours, and surprise. 

Please feel free to view  the collections on my website, read a blog post to see what inspires me, view some of my newest designs, and see a selection of amazing apparel, home decor, stationary, and accessories for your home and office.

Your feedback is always welcome: valtheartistgraphics@gmail.com