SEEING DOUBLE: Words, Objects, Messages September 17 2019, 0 Comments


Our world is filled with double meanings and contradictions: in words, messages, and objects.

Things are not always what they seem. Accepting this can lead to questions, and this can lead to enlightenment. 


The word green now has a new dimension and power. It defines the environmentalist, ecologist, conservationist, preservationist. Blue(s) is applied to music and melancholy; yellow is a coward; purple once worn only by nobility; orange is a citrus. 



Many messages have double meanings, hidden meanings. Some messages we understand even in spite of their contradiction. Some some are just baffling.

If we can appreciate the provocation of not understanding, we become open to investigating complexities.

Rene Magritte invited us to understand that his 1929 painting This is not a pipe is not a pipe, even though we identify it as a pipe. It's a painting of a pipe on a two-dimensional surface. We can't argue with Rene Magritte.



The Surrealist artist Merit Oppenheim might have asked questions such as: What are we drinking? Why do we willingly endure pain? What don't we want to see? 
She might have answered these questions by creating three wonderful surreal objects. Our lips would feel the fur without bringing the cup to our lips, and we have to ask what is it that we are consuming. Since shoes connect our feet to the pavement and enable mobility, we have to ask why we would choose walk in pain? We wear glasses to help us see, but what is it that we want to see?

 Billboard in Michigan

Political celebrity endorsements are powerful because the people we celebrate are remarkable and we want to believe them. Some politicians have falsely claimed that climate change is a hoax, and many believe them. But without our agreement to believe, messages lose their power. Questions must be asked.

The article  SURREALISM : THE SEARCH FOR FREEDOM talks about the importance of the surrealistic delivery of messages.

"The surreal moment, then, occurs when objects or ideas that do not ordinarily belong with one another coexist within the same context: "the resolution of those two seemingly contradictory states, dream and reality, in a kind of absolute reality, surreality, so to speak. Such a moment, however, is one of conflict rather than harmony and meant to throw the viewer off kilter."


The Word: Green
The Object: A Bag
The Message: To make choices into a future where we will not be.
I've created these bags for you to use and reuse. They're available on Society6.



Hasta luego amigos.


TWINS LOOK TWICE September 06 2018, 0 Comments

I'm Beside Myself
I’m a twin. Virginia is my counterpart. There’s a second set of twin sisters: Patricia and Donna. Twin nephews and twin aunts appear along my family line. It’s no wonder that I’m inspired to create designs based on the Twin motif, the Double, the Other.


Girl Before a Mirror - Picasso                 Las Dos Fridas - Frida Kalho


Twins appear throughout history and in mythology, in literature and the visual arts, in science (Einstein’s “twin paradox” explains his special theory of relativity), and in modern culture (Elvis Presley was a twin). Syriac traditions recognized Thomas, “Didymus,” as Christ’s twin. In Roman mythology, twins Romulus and Remus founded the ancient city of Rome.



In the visual arts, the twin image appears in many guises, but not always recognized as such. The Double appears in a mirror, as reflection, in a shadow, as imitation, in optical illusions. The idea of twins invites us to look at the familiar in a different way. To think twice, to think again, and explore.


I'm working on some new designs and they'll be available soon on Society6. More information soon. Until then...

Hasta luego amigos,