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The three very different women in this blog show us that talent will find its way to the top and always inspire us.

Who cares about pretty? I'm going for noticeable. Veronica Roth


Bob Dylan                           polka dot frog               yayoi-kusama world


Polka dots are now seen as playful and fun but history tells us that in Medieval Europe, the pattern was unwelcome. In some non-Western cultures the dots symbolized virility and magic. Now a days, you just never know where the dots will show up.

The author Veronica Roth is known today for her best selling dystopian novels. Dystopian fiction emerged as a response to utopian fiction. Veronica follows a long line of renowned creators, from the classic utopian world of Plato's The Republic to Margaret Atwood's nightmare totalitarian state of the The Handmaid's Tale. Seems we will always be entangled in belief systems that suggests that 'seeing is believing' and 'believing is seeing'



Every woman is a queen and we all have different things to offer.  Queen Latifah


Quatrefoil decoration                           Queen Latifah mermaid       Quatrefoil at Chalcatzingo Mexico

Although the quatrefoil pattern is associated with Christianity, the symbol was also associated with the underworld and used by the Olmecs and Maya long before the Christians adopted it.

In the 1990s Queen Latifah rose to prominenc as a female hip-hop performer. Her extraordinary talents greatly influenced and changed perceptions of the male-dominated rap scene. The multi-talented poweerhouse Latifah went on up and created a powerful and successful screen presence. Just like a queen....


With enough courage, you can do without a reputation.  Margaret Mitchell



        The Fashioned Hand                               rings of Saturn                                

I've created a ring pattern for Margaret Mitchell's powerful quotation. 
Throughout history, rings have been used as symbols of devotion, fidelity and eternity. Today the ring is a symbol love in engagement and wedding rings. The ring symbol will endure because the heart endures. 

Margaret Mitchell was an American novelist and journalist who worked tirelessly for the American Red Cross during World War II, and set up scholarships for students. Her quotation about forfeiting reputation is an inspiration for all of us who must go our own way. With the heart leading, we discover our courage. 


I'm so impressed with these women and their quotations that I've included them in my collection of Text & Tonic designs. I would like to see these words around me every day.  Wouldn't you?




I know you'll enjoy my next blog S, T, U next week.

Hasta luego amigos.