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              National Museum of Anthropology              "Sueño de una tarde dominical el la Alameda Central Diego Rivera 
               Museo de Arte Popular                                        International Museum of the Baroque

Mexico has a rich historical and cultural past and a lively contemporary arts scene. Art is everywhere and is on view in Mexico's numerous museums and galleries: ancient sculptures and monuments, colonial art and architecture, Mexican muralism & revolutionary art, contemporary art, and folk art.




Mexican folk art is found on the streets, in the markets, and in the home, en la casa. One of the livliest expressions of colour and movement is papel picados on display in mercados everywhere. It's a joy to walk through the market on a warm breezy sunny day with these decorative sheets of tissue paper floating above.  



Also on display in the mercados are colourful tin hearts. These hearts are expertly cut, punched and crafted by artisans in Mexico. The variety of colours and shapes makes them quite irresistible. 



I'm always inspired by the arts in Mexico, wherever I find them. So inspired, in fact, that I've added a new collection OLé - ARTES MEXICO to my website. I've created some colourful items with a Mexican folk art theme for you to enjoy in your home and take to the streets. I'm sure you'll find something that's perfect for you.

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