THE SIGNS ARE EVERYWHERE: BE PREPARED! November 28 2017, 0 Comments


December arrives in a few days and signs of Christmas will be everywhere: you'll hear it, you'll see it, you'll smell it, it will touch you. It can seem overwhelming with so many choices and decisions to be made.

It's important to stay healthy and strong as the season inserts itself into our lives. Here are a couple of upcoming international days to help you to remind you to stay healthy and keep active.

December 1 - Eat a Red Apple Day    

How To Celebrate Eat A Red Apple Day

There are 7,500 varieties of apples grown throughout the world? This healthy fruit contains antioxidants that help reduce damaged cells and fight diseases and they are fat, sodium and cholesterol free. Not feeling like a pure healthy treat, to celebrate this this special day, why not try spiced-apple-nog

December 3 - Make a Gift Day

This unofficial holiday encourages people to lovingly hand craft gifts for special friends and loved ones. A special gift shows love, concern, and respect. In China, gifts wrapped in red paper are believed to bring luck to the recipient. 

Having trouble choosing gifts? A greeting card  may be just what you want to show you care. If you find yourself overwhelmed with the holiday season, here's a great survival guide.

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